Turkey Hunting Gear List 2024: Expert Tips for a Successful Hunt

To embark on a successful turkey hunting expedition, it is essential to have the right gear at your disposal. This carefully curated turkey hunting gear list includes all the essential items to enhance your hunting experience. From the crucial turkey calls that imitate the alluring sounds of the wild to the specific choice of camouflage clothing that blends seamlessly with nature, each item plays a pivotal role in a successful hunt.

Turkey Hunting Gear Checklist

Additionally, the selection of a suitable turkey gun, coupled with premium ammunition, ensures efficiency and precision in the field. With this comprehensive turkey hunting gear list, you’re not just preparing for a hunting trip; you’re gearing up for an adventure where preparation meets opportunity.

List of 12 Turkey Hunting Gear List

1. Shotgun


The shotgun is the primary tool for turkey hunting. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to deliver a powerful and concentrated shot over a specific range, which is essential for the ethical harvesting of turkeys.

1. Remington 870

This shotgun is a favorite among turkey hunters for its reliability and versatility. The Remington 870’s smooth action and consistent performance make it ideal for the varying demands of turkey hunting. Its ability to function well in different environments and weather conditions ensures that hunters can rely on it when the moment of truth arrives.

2. Mossberg 940 Pro-Turkey

Designed with turkey hunting in mind, the Mossberg 940 Pro-Turkey offers features that cater specifically to this sport. Its ergonomic design, enhanced accuracy, and rapid firing capability make it an excellent choice for hunters who need quick response and precision in dense woods or open fields.

3. Stevens 301 Turkey Obsession .410

This model is particularly popular for its lightweight and user-friendly design. It’s a great choice for hunters who prefer a more manageable and less intimidating shotgun. The Stevens 301 Turkey Obsession .410 is especially suited for youth or smaller-framed hunters, providing a comfortable and confidence-inspiring experience.

2. Turkey Ammo

Turkey Ammo

The right turkey ammo is crucial because it significantly impacts the effectiveness of each shot. Quality turkey ammo delivers the necessary power and pattern density to ensure a clean and ethical harvest. The choice of ammo can affect range, penetration, and the overall success of the hunt.

1. Winchester Longbeard XR

The Winchester Longbeard XR is highly regarded in turkey hunting circles for its revolutionary Shot-Lok Technology. This technology protects the shot during in-bore acceleration, dramatically tightening the pattern and extending the effective range. It means hunters can confidently take shots at turkeys at greater distances than traditional loads, increasing their chances of a successful hunt.

2. Apex GT-3 TSS

Apex GT-3 TSS ammo is renowned for its high-density tungsten super shot (TSS), offering superior penetration and lethality at extended ranges. This ammunition is a game-changer for turkey hunting, allowing hunters to ethically take down turkeys from distances that were previously challenging with conventional ammo.

3. Federal Heavyweight TSS

Federal Heavyweight TSS is favored for its heavyweight tungsten-alloy pellets, which maintain a high pellet count and dense patterns at longer ranges. This attribute is particularly important in turkey hunting, where a dense pattern is necessary to ensure a successful and humane harvest, even at extended distances.

3. Turkey Choke

Turkey Choke

A turkey choke is vital in turkey hunting as it narrows the spread of the shot, increasing its density and range. This is crucial for ensuring that a sufficient number of pellets hit the vital zone of a turkey at longer distances. A good turkey choke can significantly enhance the effectiveness of a shotgun, making it possible to take ethical shots at turkeys that are further away.

1. Carlson’s XR Choke Tubes

Best Overall

CARLSON'S Choke Tubes Remington

 Product Specifications

  • Constriction Size: .660
  • Compatible With: Remington 12 Gauge shotguns
  • Material: 17-4 heat-treated stainless steel
  • Pattern: Tight patterns, ideal for turkey loads like Winchester’s Long Beard XR
  • Weight: 0.2 Pounds
  • Dim (LxWxH): 4 x 0.75 x 0.75 inches

Carlson’s XR Turkey Hunting Choke Tubes are engineered to maximize the performance of your shotgun’s shot pattern. They are specifically designed to deliver denser, more consistent patterns at greater distances, which is essential in turkey hunting. This increased pattern density improves the hunter’s chance of hitting the vital area of a turkey, leading to more successful and ethical harvests.

2. TRUGLO Gobble-Stopper Choke Tube

Best Budget

TRUGLO Head Banger Long Range Turkey Choke Tube

 Product Specifications

  • Constriction Size: Optimized for long-range turkey shooting
  • Compatible With: Both 12 & 20 Gauge shotguns
  • Material: CNC-machined, Heat-Treated Steel
  • Pattern: Tight, consistent patterns for long-range
  • Weight: Vary by model
  • Dim (LxWxH): 6 x 2 x 2 inches

The TRUGLO Gobble-Stopper Choke Tube is designed to provide turkey hunters with an optimized shot pattern for increased accuracy and effectiveness. This choke tube reduces the spread of the shot, allowing for tighter and more concentrated patterns. It’s particularly useful for long-range shots, where precision is key to ensuring a successful and ethical hunt.

3. Browning Midas Turkey Choke Tube

The Browning Midas Turkey Choke Tube is known for its high-quality construction and ability to deliver tight, consistent shot patterns. This is critical in turkey hunting, where hitting the turkey’s vital areas with enough pellets is essential for a quick and humane harvest. The Midas choke tube helps maintain pattern density and consistency, even at longer ranges, making it a valuable tool for turkey hunters.

4. Camo


Camouflage is essential in turkey hunting due to turkeys’ exceptional eyesight. Camo helps hunters blend into their surroundings, making them less visible to turkeys. This concealment is crucial for getting close enough for a shot, as turkeys can easily detect and spook at an unusual sight. Effective camo can mean the difference between a successful hunt and a missed opportunity.

1. Nomad Men’s Camo Pullover

This pullover is particularly important for turkey hunting because of its 3D leafy design, which offers an extra layer of concealment by mimicking the natural environment. The realistic textures and patterns break up the hunter’s silhouette, making them less detectable to turkeys. It’s ideal for hunters who need to stay hidden in various terrains, from dense forests to brushy fields.

2. Mossy Oak Men’s Camo

These shirts are crucial for turkey hunting as they provide effective camouflage while ensuring comfort and mobility. The Mossy Oak pattern is designed to blend seamlessly into a wide range of natural environments. Long sleeves also offer additional concealment of the arms, which is important when making movements, such as calling or aiming, that could otherwise alert a turkey.

5. Turkey Calls

Turkey Calls

Turkey calls are an essential tool in turkey hunting as they mimic the various sounds of a turkey, such as yelps, clucks, and gobbles. These calls are used to attract turkeys into range by simulating the presence of other turkeys, which is particularly effective during mating season. Skilled use of turkey calls can significantly increase the chances of luring a turkey closer, making it a critical aspect of successful turkey hunting.

1. Primos Magnetic Box Turkey Call

The Primos Magnetic Box Call is a key tool in turkey hunting due to its versatility and ease of use. It’s designed to produce a wide range of turkey sounds accurately, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced hunters. The magnetic hinge design ensures the perfect tension for each call, allowing for clear, consistent sounds that effectively mimic those of a real turkey, thus increasing the likelihood of attracting turkeys.

2. H.S. Strut Crow Turkey Locator Call

The H.S. Strut Crow Turkey Locator Call plays a unique role in turkey hunting. It is used not for mimicking turkey sounds, but rather for eliciting a shock gobble from turkeys with a crow call. This response reveals the turkey’s location, allowing hunters to identify roosting sites or areas with active turkeys. This call is especially useful for locating turkeys in large areas or dense forests where visual spotting is challenging.

6. Turkey Decoys

Turkey Decoys

Turkey decoys play a crucial role in attracting turkeys during a hunt. They add visual realism to the sounds created by turkey calls, creating an inviting scene that can lure wary turkeys into the shooting range. Decoys can mimic various turkey behaviors and postures, encouraging real turkeys to interact, which is particularly effective during mating season. Proper use of decoys can significantly enhance the likelihood of drawing turkeys closer for a successful hunt.

1. Avian-X Feeder Hen Turkey Decoy

The Avian-X Feeder Hen Turkey Decoy is vital in turkey hunting for its realistic design and posture that mimics a feeding hen. This natural appearance is highly effective in convincing turkeys, especially toms, that the area is safe and attracts them closer. The feeder hen decoy can trigger natural behaviors in turkeys, making them more likely to approach the hunter’s location without suspicion, thus increasing the chances of a successful hunt.

2. FlexTone Turkey Decoy

FlexTone Turkey Decoys are important due to their realistic appearance and versatility in simulating different turkey behaviors. These decoys can be set up in various postures, catering to different hunting situations and strategies. Their lifelike look and ability to mimic real turkeys make them an excellent tool for drawing in turkeys, especially when paired with effective calling techniques. The flexibility of these decoys in portraying different turkey scenarios is a significant advantage in attracting and engaging real turkeys.

7. Turkey Vest with Seat

Turkey Vest with Seat

A turkey vest with a built-in seat is an invaluable asset for turkey hunters. It combines the convenience of gear storage with the comfort of a portable seat, essential for the long periods of sitting and waiting often required in turkey hunting. The seat allows hunters to remain patient and still in a comfortable position, which is crucial for not startling turkeys. Additionally, having all necessary gear organized and accessible in a vest enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the hunt.

1. TIDEWE Turkey Vest with Seat

The TIDEWE Turkey Vest is particularly important for turkey hunting due to its thoughtful design that caters to the hunter’s comfort and practicality. It features a built-in kickstand seat, providing a comfortable resting spot during long waits. This vest also comes equipped with a game pouch and multiple pockets, allowing hunters to carry calls, ammo, and other essential gear easily. The Strut Camo pattern further aids in blending with the environment. This combination of comfort, storage, and camouflage makes it a top choice for serious turkey hunters.

8. Red Dot Sight

Red Dot Sight

Red dot sights are crucial in turkey hunting for enhancing aiming accuracy. They provide a clear point of aim, allowing for quick and precise target acquisition, which is particularly important in the often fast-paced scenario of turkey hunting. Red dot sights help in aligning the shot more accurately than traditional iron sights, increasing the likelihood of a successful and ethical harvest, especially when a turkey is in motion or at an awkward angle.

1. Holosun Red Dot Sight

The Holosun Red Dot Sight is important for turkey hunting due to its high-quality optics, durability, and battery life. It enhances a hunter’s ability to quickly acquire a target and shoot accurately, increasing the chances of a successful hunt. Its robust construction and reliable performance in various lighting conditions make it a preferred choice for turkey hunters who require precision in their equipment.

2. Sig Sauer Red Dot Sight

The Sig Sauer Red Dot Sight stands out for its precision, ease of use, and quick target acquisition capabilities. In turkey hunting, where moments count, this sight allows for rapid and accurate aiming, which can be the difference between a successful hunt and a missed opportunity. Its user-friendly interface and reliable performance under different conditions make it a valuable tool for turkey hunters seeking efficiency and accuracy.

3. Bushnell Red Dot Scope

The Bushnell Red Dot Scope is valued in turkey hunting for its clarity, reliability, and ease of use. It allows hunters to quickly focus on the target with a clear sight picture, enhancing shot accuracy. This is especially useful in turkey hunting where quick reflexes and precise aiming are needed. The robust design of the Bushnell scope ensures it can withstand the rigors of outdoor hunting environments.

9. Insect Repellant

Insect repellant is an essential item for turkey hunting due to the outdoor environments where hunting typically takes place. These areas are often inhabited by various insects, including mosquitoes, ticks, and flies, which can be not only a nuisance but also a distraction to hunters. Insect bites can be uncomfortable and potentially harmful, causing itching, irritation, and even transmitting diseases. Using insect repellant allows hunters to maintain focus and remain still for extended periods, which is crucial for not disturbing turkeys. It enhances the overall comfort and safety of the hunter in the wild.

10. Ground Blind

Ground Blind

A ground blind is an essential tool in turkey hunting for several reasons. It provides excellent concealment, allowing hunters to remain hidden from the keen eyesight of turkeys. Ground blinds also offer shelter from various weather conditions, enhancing comfort during long waits. They enable hunters to move slightly without being detected and help in organizing gear efficiently within reach. The use of a ground blind can be especially advantageous in open areas where natural cover is limited.

1. Ameristep Ground Blind

The Ameristep Ground Blind stands out in turkey hunting for its blend of durability, camouflage effectiveness, and ease of setup. Its realistic camouflage patterns and quiet fabric help hunters blend seamlessly into the natural environment, reducing the chance of spooking turkeys. The blind’s spacious design and features, like shoot-through mesh windows, make it ideal for patiently waiting for the perfect shot while staying concealed and comfortable.

2. Rhino Ground Blind

The Rhino Ground Blind is important for turkey hunters due to its robust construction and thoughtful design. It offers excellent durability, which is crucial in varying terrains and weather conditions. The blind’s effective camouflage patterns and silent window adjustments are particularly beneficial for remaining undetected by turkeys. Its spacious interior and user-friendly features provide a comfortable hunting experience, allowing hunters to stay focused and ready for when a turkey comes into range.

11. Turkey Hunting Boots

Turkey Hunting Boots

Turkey hunting boots are a critical component of a hunter’s gear due to the demanding nature of the terrain and weather conditions encountered during turkey hunts. Quality hunting boots provide the necessary support, protection from the elements, and stealth in movement. They ensure comfort for long walks and waits, protect feet from moisture, rough terrain, and cold, and aid in maintaining silence when approaching turkeys.

1. TIDEWE Rubber Hunting Boots

The TIDEWE Rubber Hunting Boots are particularly important for turkey hunting due to their waterproof and insulated design. The Realtree Camo & Next Camo G2 patterns aid in blending with natural environments, while the 7mm neoprene offers warmth and comfort. These durable boots are essential for navigating through wet and muddy terrains commonly encountered during turkey hunts, ensuring that hunters can move comfortably and stealthily in pursuit of their game.

2. ArcticShield Turkey Boots

ArcticShield’s Outdoor Snow Boots are crucial for turkey hunting in colder climates. Their tall design and insulation provide essential warmth and protection in snowy or cold conditions, ensuring that hunters can maintain focus and comfort during long, stationary periods. The durable construction and enhanced grip make them suitable for rugged terrains, offering stability and safety while moving through challenging hunting landscapes.

12. Miscellaneous Gear

1. Hunting License and Tags

Possessing a valid hunting license and tags is fundamental for turkey hunting, ensuring legal compliance with state and federal regulations. They authorize the hunter to hunt legally within a specified area and season, helping in wildlife conservation efforts. Hunting without proper licenses and tags can lead to significant legal consequences and is against ethical hunting practices.

2. Hunting Knife

Hunting Knife

A hunting knife is an essential tool in turkey hunting for processing the bird in the field. It’s used for field dressing, skinning, and preparing the turkey for transport. A sharp, durable hunting knife makes these tasks more manageable and efficient, ensuring the meat is handled safely and cleanly.

3. Binoculars


Binoculars are crucial in turkey hunting for scouting and identifying turkeys from a distance without disturbing them. They allow hunters to observe turkey behavior, determine the gender and size of the bird, and plan their approach or setup accordingly. Quality binoculars can significantly enhance the hunting experience by providing clear and close-up views of distant turkeys.

4. Blind Chair & Stool

Blind Chair & Stool

Comfort is key during long waits in turkey hunting, and a blind chair or stool provides the necessary support and comfort. They allow hunters to remain patient and still for extended periods, which is crucial for not alarming nearby turkeys. Portable and comfortable seating options can significantly improve the overall hunting experience.

5. Hunting Facemask

Hunting Facemask

A hunting facemask aids in complete camouflage, covering the face which is often the most exposed and noticeable part of the body. It helps in blending with the surroundings, crucial for staying undetected by turkeys.

6. Rain Gear

Rain Gear

Weather can be unpredictable, and rain gear is essential for staying dry and comfortable. Wet conditions can be uncomfortable and may hinder the hunting experience. Quality rain gear ensures that the hunter remains focused and comfortable, regardless of sudden weather changes.

7. Food

Bringing along sufficient food is important for maintaining energy levels during long hunting trips. It ensures that hunters stay nourished and alert throughout the hunt, which can involve extended periods of physical activity and waiting.

8. Shears


Shears are particularly useful in turkey hunting for field dressing. They can be used for snipping through bones, feathers, and other tough materials, making the processing of the turkey easier and more efficient in the field.

9. Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags

Useful for various purposes, plastic bags can store harvested turkey, keeping it clean during transport. They can also be used for carrying out waste, adhering to the principles of Leave No Trace, and ensuring environmental responsibility.

10. Flashlight or Headlamp

Flashlight or Headlamp

Essential for safety and navigation, especially during early morning or late evening hunts. They provide visibility in low-light conditions, helping hunters move safely and set up or pack up their gear.

11. GPS


A GPS device is important in turkey hunting for navigation and tracking. It helps hunters in unfamiliar terrain, allowing them to mark waypoints, track their routes, and find their way back to camp or their vehicle safely. It’s also useful for marking spots where turkeys were sighted or heard for future reference.


To sum up, the right gear is essential for a successful and enjoyable turkey hunting experience. Each piece of equipment, from the shotgun to the camouflage, plays a crucial role in ensuring not only the success of your hunt but also your safety and comfort in the wild.

Proper preparation and gear checks are key to respecting the tradition of turkey hunting, ensuring ethical practices, and enhancing your overall experience. With the right gear in hand, you’re well-prepared to respect, enjoy, and succeed in the challenging yet rewarding pursuit of turkey hunting.


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